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Welcome to the Charlestown Band of Pirates!

The mission of the Charlestown Band of Pirates is to provide students with an opportunity to develop musical knowledge and leadership skills through performance in music and to create a community that advocates, educates, and appreciates music. Members combine individual talents with a common passion for performance in order to represent our school program and community with pride.

Our vision is to promote pride, energy, fun, kindness, and beauty within ourselves and our community through our music.

Dream big. Pirate Pride.


The Charlestown Band of Pirates offers a wide variety of ensembles for our students to explore music through performance at both the middle and the high school levels. Students may participate in ensembles both during the school day and in the evenings and may also choose to participate in various enrichment activities throughout the year.

Band DirectorJoann Talley

Band Boosters

The bands of Charlestown Middle and High School are primarily funded through the Band Booster Association, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging talented students and giving financial assistance as necessary in order that they may participate in the band and color guard programs.

Our Band Booster Association works closely with band members, band directors, school authorities, parents, alumni, and our community so that the band may be maintained at the highest level of proficiency and effectiveness.

Parents and Guardians of all current students are voting members of the Charlestown Band Booster Association, and membership is open to all former Alumni students.

Our regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Charlestown High School band room and our meetings are open to the public.

Booster Contact:
Federal EIN: 45-0521684
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 452, Charlestown, IN 47111

Band Programs

This course provides advanced instrumental and music learning to students continuing at the high school level. Students will have the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques in reading, performing, creating, evaluating and analyzing music. Students will also be given opportunities to perform in large ensemble, small ensemble and solo playing. The music selected for this course reflects both the needs of the musical growth as well as the students interests. As part of the music curriculum, the Concert Band performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts. The Concert Band also performs pop music as a Pep Band for our basketball games and may have extra opportunities to perform for the community.


The Charlestown Marching Band of Pirates, which is open to 8th-12th graders, is an extracurricular ensemble that rehearses and performs outside of the school day. The most visible of the band ensembles, members of the Charlestown MBoP serve as ambassadors for our band program, school, and community. The MBoP competes in the ISSMA regional marching band contests and performs at all home football games.


Marching Band Practices

What To Expect on Practice Days?

Practices take place every Tuesday and Thursday during the marching season. Some sectionals are scheduled on Wednesdays. Attendance will be taken at 3:30 pm as students start physical warm-ups and stretches. Students will work on both music and marching and the combination of both during rehearsals. Dismissal is at 6:00 pm each rehearsal. Rehearsals are on the band practice field (back corner lot of the high school) or the football practice field (grass area near the tennis courts).


Inclement weather does not cancel a marching band practice. In some cases, we may practice in light rain. If the weather is unsafe, we will move into indoor spaces. Please stay tuned to Instagram, Facebook, and Remind101 if there are immediate needs to change plans due to weather.

What To Bring

Students should change into comfortable, breathable clothing for practice. It is often very warm during rehearsals and students should be prepared. Sneakers are required for proper technique and safety. Drink plenty of water on rehearsal days and bring water (or an empty bottle) for rehearsal. We will have water coolers available for students to refill water bottles as needed.  Students should always have instruments, music, and necessary equipment for the field show performance.

Marching Competitions

What To Expect on Marching Band Competition Day?

On a marching band competition day, the band may rehearse in the morning before loading up equipment and boarding a bus for the performance. The schedule will depend on the time to travel to the performance and the scheduled performance time. Times will typically be announced to the students and posted via Instagram, Facebook, and the website one week prior to the event. Students should expect a marching band competition to be an all-day event.

Parents who want to attend the performance do not need to follow the student’s schedule but should plan to arrive at the competition site at least an hour before the band is scheduled to perform in order to ensure adequate time to find parking, pay admission, and take a seat in the stands. Spectators are asked not to enter the stadium during a band performance. If a band is currently performing, spectators must break before finding a seat in order to avoid blocking the view of others or distracting those performing.

What Does The Band Do?

After arrival at the competition site, students assemble instruments and change into uniforms. The band will be directed to a warm-up area and then to the performance field. Students will perform on a football field in front of judges. After the performance students will return to the busses to change and eat. Students will return to the stadium to watch other performances and awards before heading back to the busses to head back to CHS.


Students are expected to travel to and from marching competitions in a group. There are rare exceptions to this rule and can only be made at the discretion of the band director. If an exception needs to be considered, please contact Mrs. Talley via e-mail ( 48 hours prior to the event. Parents are encouraged to carpool to these events so that it is easier to find parking and so that they can get to know other band parents.

Finding Your Student

Parents are allowed in our marching band staging area at a competition (usually where the bus is parked – you can usually find the busses next to the band trailer). After a performance, the band will return to the staging area to change out of uniforms and eat meals. After a meal the band usually returns to watch other bands or prepares to head home. Bands who have competed must sit in the “visitors” seating on the other side of the stadium as the “home” side is filled with spectators for the event.

Finding Other Parents and Where To Sit

Finding other parents is much easier than finding your own student. Parents try to sit together and are encouraged to wear the current marching band t-shirt to show support and solidarity. At most competitions, parents and spectators sit on the “Home” side of the stadium.


Food is typically available for purchase at every competition. The funds raised at competitions through admission and through concessions go toward the host band, and we encourage those in attendance to support our fellow bands. We do provide refreshments to all of our students, staff, and event volunteers at each competition.


Inclement weather does not cancel a marching band competition. In most cases, the competition will continue even if it is raining. Please bring additional clothing to deal with both cold and wet conditions. In some cases, the competition will be moved indoors.

What To Bring

Bring money, warm clothes, wet weather gear, a warm blanket, and water. Students should also assure to bring black socks and their black marching shoes as well as their marching band t-shirts.

Heading Home

After the awards ceremony students return to the staging area to load the bus for their return trip home. Any remaining items must be loaded onto the band trailer before we leave. Once the bus and the trailer return to the school, items must be unloaded and put away. All students are expected to stay and unload the bus and the trailer.

Football Games

What To Expect on Football Game Days?

On a football game day, the band will arrive 15 minutes prior to report time (usually 6 p.m.). Students will change into uniforms and be ready to rehearse by report time. At the conclusion of the rehearsal, the band will go out to the football field together. They will remain in the stands as a unit and perform pep songs. During halftime, the students will perform the field show. Students will have “off” during the third quarter to visit friends/family in the stands, get concessions, use restrooms, etc – but will remain in the football stadium. Students will perform pep songs during the fourth quarter and will travel back to the band room as a group at the conclusion of the game. Students are expected to make sure the band room is cleaned before being dismissed.


Food is available for purchase at every football game. Students are encouraged to eat before the game as they may not have the chance to get food until after their performance (third quarter).


Inclement weather does not cancel a football game. Please stay tuned to Instagram, Facebook, and Remind101 if there are immediate needs to change plans due to weather.

What To Bring

Students should have all of their uniform parts including: black socks, black t-shirt, and black marching shoes as well as their marching band t-shirts. They may also want to bring money for concessions.

The Charlestown Pep Band is an ensemble of students who perform at basketball games, various school functions, and pep rallies. Music is spirited and energetic with many recognizable pop tunes. Pep Band is required for all high school concert band students and is a subset of the Charlestown High School Concert Band. All Marching Band members are also eligible to participate.

The schedule for Pep Band is released in late November and generally runs from December to February with some evening and weekend events.

Pep Band shirts are provided for each performance.

While instrumental ensemble classes will provide many opportunities for individual attention, many students find that private instruction even further builds the challenging and necessary skills to advance on an instrument. Please see Mrs. Talley if you are interested in information on Private Lessons.

Indiana Bandmasters Association offers students the opportunity to participate in All District and All Region Bands. Information will be shared with students grades 8-12 and all students will have the opportunity to apply for these honor ensembles. Selected students will prepare music in advance and then participate in a Saturday and Sunday rehearsal followed by a Sunday evening concert. The All District/All Region experience is a wonderful chance for students the rehearse with dedicated student performers from the area and to work with a talented, well-known conductor in the region. This event happens in late Fall.


ISSMA offers a solo and ensemble festival in January where students can perform a prepared solo or group performance for a rating.  Music to be performed will be selected and approved by Mrs. Talley. A Group I (highest) piece that is written for accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment.  Group I students who receive a gold rating are eligible to continue to the state solo and ensemble festival if they choose.


The Charlestown Band of Pirates works closely with Conrad Music Service to provide an affordable method for families to rent or purchase instruments. Conrad’s also provides repair services, with in-school pick-up and drop-off at Charlestown Middle School.

For our beginning students, the rent-to-own option is an excellent way for a student to try a quality instrument while still having the advantage of returning or trading in if a different instrument is chosen later.

For our non-beginning students, Conrad’s offers the opportunity for previously rented/purchased instruments through them to be upgraded to intermediate-level instruments.

Please avoid the purchase of instruments outside of Conrad’s (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, Craiglist) without first consulting Mrs. Talley. There is a large market of poor quality instruments circulating with “too good to be true” prices that present significant issues (poor tone quality and intonation, easily bent or broken, most are not repairable by an instrument technician).

For students unable to secure an instrument of their own, we hold a limited number and selection of instruments through our school. Please contact Mrs. Talley directly with inquiries on availability.

Conrads Music Service

220 N. Elm Street

Corydon, IN 47112


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